Attraction Love Spell – Make Someone Fall in Love

Loving someone from the core of your heart but not getting enough attention seems the worst. Unfortunately, many people fall into one-sided love. They have trouble expressing their feelings unless the other person notices it. Expert witches and astrologers suggest going with the Attraction Love Spell in this situation. It can help make someone fall in love with you.

Attraction Love Spell

Working of Attraction Love Spells

Attraction spells of love work for those who believe in it and have a true feeling for someone. If you like a person and want a future with that person, love attraction spells eradicate the problems and make all things go easy.

The work is simple; once the person casts an attraction spell, all the negative energy starts fading. Angels help eliminate negativity, keep evil power and eyes away from the person you like, and help eliminate confusion. By this, the other person can think straightforwardly. If the man/woman you like also likes you back, even by a fraction, things will get better with time.

You can perform the basic love attraction spells and rituals for a few days and find the difference it makes.

Spell 1 – Winning someone’s Love

To perform this spell, you need rose oil, cloves, matches, candles, and a pen. Now, start by sprinkling rose oil inside your room during the evening time between 18:00 to 20:00. Once you sprinkle a few drops on all the walls and corners of the room, take a piece of paper and write the name of the person you like.

Take cloves, hold tight to your wrist, and sit on the floor. Recite the spell now.

amor rubet; pulchra ut tibi, tenere manum, et accipe me tecum”

Make sure to remember the person you like while reciting these powerful spells.

Now, put these cloves into the paper you have used in writing the name and close it. Next, take three candles, and light them. Finally, place this paper inside a metal bowl, and set it on fire while holding three candles in your left hand.

This attraction love spell will start working after throwing the ashes into a river or lake. Make sure to thank your angels while putting these ashes into a river or lake.

Spell 2: Making Your Partner Feel Attracted

If you like a person, but that person doesn’t like or love you, then you can use this spell. It is a powerful spell that can impact everything in your life, so you must use it carefully. All you need is rose petals, cloves, cardamom, and lemon to begin.

Start by using all these rose petals to make a circle good enough to fit yourself inside. Next, you have to sit on haunches and hold seven rose petals in your hand. Next, take three cloves in your right hand and three cardamoms in your left hand. After completing this, close your eyes and recite the below-given spells.

“Amove calceamentum tuum ab ostio tuo, Eva Nativitatis Domini.

Parietes sunt charta graciles et lucerna in angulo ardet. Tace.

Tea clara et nemorosa est. Cinnamomum et caryophyllum”

Once you recite these spells for a couple of minutes, you will feel that your partner is calling you. Or, you can hear their voice deep inside your head. A feeling of calmness will start taking over after that. Open your eyes, and put cloves and cardamom aside in a different bowl.

Bottom Line

Make a small cut into the lemon on two sides and put one cardamom and one clove on both sides. Place this lemon in a poly bag under your bed, and wait for a few days to get the results. The spell is completed.

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