How to Get Back Your Ex Love Spell?

Falling in love with someone is the most overwhelming feeling in this world. A couple shares many things and communicates to keep everything in place. However, there are many times when others feel jealous of you or the bond, which creates more trouble in the relationship. Or it can be your stars and planets are not aligning perfectly to make a strong bond.

How to Get Back Your Ex Love Spell?

Many issues are working against your relationship, and you may end up breaking apart from your partner. The dense feeling of negativity starts taking over the mind, and most people fail in so many things while trying to get their partner back. However, there is no need to worry about it when you have us with two magical techniques that can help get your ex-love spell back in the easiest manner.

Here are three easy-to-follow techniques that can work for you

Reconciliation Spell

This universe has so many tricks that most humans cannot see even with their naked eyes. Everything work through equations, algorithm, and powerful spirits. There are bad spirits to break relationships but also good ones. Here, we will learn about the use of reconciliation to get back your ex-love spell to let the good angels help you –

Ingredients – 4 Red Candles, White chalk, Red cloth, and A lime


  • The right time to cast this spell is in the evening, during sunset.
  • Draw a circle with the white chalk and try to keep it 1 foot in radius.
  • Put four candles in the North, East, West, and South direction on the circle’s circumference.
  • Lay the red cloth in between and cut the lime over this red cloth.
  • After completing this, chant the magical words to make things happen.

“O Spiritus Coelestris, Venite ad Nos, Iterum Fac Vinculum Nostrum, Iterum Fac Vinculum Nostrum”

  • Keep repeating this chant for seven minutes, and think about your partner, the good things, and how much you love your partner.

Spell of Reunite

If you are new to spells, it can be difficult to perform them correctly. The role of an expert comes in handy when you want to get back your ex-love spell online. You can consider getting help from an expert and learning the right method to perform it. Now, let’s move to our second but the most powerful spell.

Ingredients –A Room with a Window, Seven Candles, and a place to sit


  • You will have to wait for the full moon to perform this spell.
  • On the night of the full moon, place all the candles in your room and light them.
  • Make sure to follow the astrological rule of placing a candle in each direction.
  • Sit down on your haunches while opening the window.
  • Make sure that moonlight is falling into your room.
  • Now, chant the below-given spell.

“HeusLunamQuaerunturDeducereUnbringableRursus Duo Magna Im’Non MoraturConcion Iterum Ego Volo TibiDedere Me Veni Et Adiuva Me AdducereMea Amore Iterum”

  • Perform this spell for as long as possible, and it will help you get the love of your life back.
  • Remember that these techniques work for those who have no confusion and want their love back with surety.
Bottom Line

Both spells are made to help you fall in love with the ex-love and bring them back again. These spells focus on using the angels of love to help you and assist your partner in thinking about it. If the other person doesn’t have a single percent of love, that person may not return.

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