How to Make a Protection Spell Jar ?

Many people do not even know about what is a protection spell jar. It is a kind of spell that is presented physically. People think that spell casting is an activity pursued by witches, but that is not true. Anyone who wants to get positive results for any problem in his life can use the protection spell jar.

It is mostly called witch bottles, a spiritual tool that can help you accomplish your innermost desires. There are a few important details that you are supposed to know about the protection spell jar to prepare one for yourself. You are at the perfect destination if you want to know about it. We will be enlightening you about every brief detail on how to make a protection spell jar in the easy manner.

Making a spell jar

You may be thinking that making a spell jar can be quite a difficult task, but it is not. If you are very specific and have a positive mindset regarding creating one, perhaps you can quickly get results. There are a few things that you need to make your protection spell jar, and we will be enlisting them below.

  • Parsley
  • Black hematite crystal
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Pine needles
  • Smoky quartz crystal
  • Obsidian Crystal
  • Holly

These are all the requirements you have for making your protection spell jar. Some of these things can be difficult to acquire as crystals because they are scarce. You have to find the right one if you can. Adding on the wrong ingredients can be very drastic for you. You must always ensure that anything you put into the protection spell jar is genuine, as recommended.

Steps Required For Making Protection Spell Jar

When you have everything required for making a protection spell jar, you have to follow a few simple and sophisticated steps. The instructions are given below –

1. The first thing you must remember is that your intentions are supposed to be completely protective. Any negativity is into your mind can lead to erroneous results. So, make sure to add every ingredient into the jar with their representation. Also, ensure to relate the particular ingredient with the intentions you have for making the protection spells jar.

2. Then, you have to write down what you want. All of your pure intentions and do not relate to harming anyone must be written down on the paper with the pen, which is included in the ingredients. It can be like “I am protected.” On the other hand, in case you willing to pray for the protection for someone else to be protected, make sure to write their name, and then you can write “stay protected forever.” You must keep the paper on which we have written everything inside the jar.

3. After writing and placing your intention, the charge, you have to light a candle. Ensure to state your intentions clearly and aloud while you are lighting the candle. Apart from this, also make sure to create a representation of the same thing in your mind. Visualization is making sure that the things you intend on will come true. Also, try to specify how it will be in the future when these intentions become a reality.

4. Cover the jar with its cap and make sure to seal it properly. You can use the candle wax to seal down the jar so that everything put inside stays inside.

5. Make sure to keep the jar at a particular place where it is visible to you more often. Every time you look at the jar, you must remind yourself about the intentions you have. The more you remember your intentions, the more will be the probability of your intentions coming into reality.

Following the above steps, you are ready to wait for the results. Just make sure that the intentions always be in your mind striking that you want them to come true.

Last words

Never forget to keep a very crucial factor under consideration that negativity can ruin your intentions. Keep your mind clear while you dream of what you want. Also, having positive intentions while making a protection spell jar will deliver faster results. Always hope for good, and keep the negative thoughts out of your mind.

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