Rituals For Full Moon Love Spell

Have you ever noticed how majestic and elegant a full moon looks and how incredibly it sets the entire sky? More importantly, do you know how profoundly the moon influences numerous activities on our planet? Similarly, at the spiritual level as well, the moon plays a highly influential role to enhance the area of affection, love, and intimacy in your life. Let us jump right into our discussion about Full Moon Love Spell below to know all about the same.

What Do You Mean by Moon Rituals?

Before beginning the discussion directly with full moon rituals, it is essential that you know what a moon ritual is in the first place. As we all know, the moon has phases, and each has specific spells and rituals that yield different and specific results.

Among the 8 phases, the most important and influential ones are the new moon and the full moon phase. So, the different procedures based on particular specified manners carried out at the spiritual level to yield certain results refer to the moon rituals. The moon rituals are necessary or are presumed to fill the areas in your life left unfulfilled.

About The Full Moon Phase

You might think knowing the love spells for the full moon phase can help you achieve the desired results. However, it isn’t so. You must be well informed about the full moon phase, for without proper information, you might not be able to perform the rituals correctly. And thus, yield adverse results.

The full moon phase is the most powerful and strong phase among the eight phases. It is filled with feminine energy and is not a phase that can be handled lightly. The emotional components in you are intensified and are high during this phase. Carrying out the right rituals in the right manner during the full moon phase can help you attain all that you desire in your love life. But, even a little negligence can bring adversities if not paid the necessary attention.

How To Perform A Full Moon Love Ritual?

Now comes the application part of our discussion. You have received all the necessary information about the rituals and the moon. So now, it is time that you know how you can use this divine energy of the celestial body to attain your love desires.

The first step is to find the full moon. Gradually ask yourself certain questions like ‘how can I love myself more deeply, completely, and entirely than I have loved myself ever before?’. Then proceed to find this- ‘what is the shift I am ready for?’ and evoke another question in the name of that shift.

Now, choose an alphabet that best suits the question. For example, if your question is about compassion, then choose “C”. Now, start consulting the concordance. If the alphabet has any corresponding Audre Lorde oracle poem, recite the same thrice, looking at the mirror or directly looking at the moon. Be brave enough to ask yourself, ‘how can I love (a person other than yourself) more deeply and completely than I have loved ever before?’. Now, repeat the same at any time you want.

Some Other Full-Moon Love Spells

Here is another Full Moon Love Spell for your full moon ritual. This spell will help you attract the person you desire. The materials needed are a handful of rose petals and an “earth” full moon. Now, for the rituals, you have to note the list of qualities you wish to be present in your person. Then fold the paper and place it near your heart on your chest. Step outside your house with the rose petals and circle your house thrice while you drop the petals gradually. And while you do this, keep chanting, “Come to me; I am ready for you”.

Final Words

Remember to carry out the full moon rituals with optimum precision and delicacy. Because it is a powerful night and a phase, it can make or break your wishes come true.

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