Attraction Love Spell – Make Someone Fall In Love

They have trouble expressing their feelings unless the other person notices it. Expert witches and astrologers suggest going with the Attraction Love Spell in this situation.

Spell 1 – Winning someone’s Love

To perform this spell, you need rose oil, cloves, matches, candles, and a pen. Now, start by sprinkling rose oil inside your room during the evening time between 18:00 to 20:00.

Make sure to remember the person you like while reciting these powerful spells.

Now, put these cloves into the paper you have used in writing the name and close it. Next, take three candles, and light them.

Spell 2: Making Your Partner Feel Attracted

If you like a person, but that person doesn’t like or love you, then you can use this spell. It is a powerful spell that can impact everything in your life, so you must use it carefully

Bottom Line

Make a small cut into the lemon on two sides and put one cardamom and one clove on both sides. Place this lemon in a poly bag under your bed, and wait for a few days to get the results.