How To Make A Protection Spell Jar ?

Many people do not even know about what is a protection spell jar. It is a kind of spell that is presented physically. People think that spell casting is an activity pursued by witches, but that is not true.

Making a spell jar

You may be thinking that making a spell jar can be quite a difficult task, but it is not. If you are very specific and have a positive mindset regarding creating one, perhaps you can quickly get results.

Steps Required For Making Protection Spell Jar

So, make sure to add every ingredient into the jar with their representation. Also, ensure to relate the particular ingredient with the intentions you have for making the protection spells jar.

Making Protection Spell Jar

All of your pure intentions and do not relate to harming anyone must be written down on the paper with the pen, which is included in the ingredients.

Last words

Also, having positive intentions while making a protection spell jar will deliver faster results. Always hope for good, and keep the negative thoughts out of your mind.