Top 5 White Magic Protection Spell That Works

Let us talk about some impressive Top 5 White Magic Protection Spell which may look fake on the first listen, but they work in a meaningful way.


Genius in Top 5 White Magic Protection Spell needs infinitude power of healing, enchantment, attractiveness, prayers, and melody.

Top White Magic Spells and Casting Procedure

These spells are so powerful and you have to make your mind under control to ply these spells in real life. Here are some most far-fetched white spells listed below that will bedazzle you.

1. Peace

– Put some water in a pot and rest it for four hours. – Cast a circle and grab the materials. – Use salt and sprinkle it into the water. – Take a bay leaf, and put it into the right hand


2. Truth

– Take the necklace put it down on the floor and sit in front of it. – Make a heart around the necklace and say the spell. – Put the necklace on your right hand and hold the power inside – Now you see people crush on you more often.


3. Cure

– Lay down on the floor and place your right hand on your stomach. – Now spell the words ‘


4. Dream

– Place the candles on one north and one south side. – Place your dream catcher neatly in your sleeping area. – Say ‘dream catcher, send me a dream to guide me. – Relax and see the power of this spell.


To sum up

Make sure that you follow the steps in the given order to avoid facing any problems while casting a new spell. All these spells bring happiness to life and help in curing a diseased person with ease.