White Magic Spell Book

The only difference between the centuries-old period and now is effectiveness. People don’t know the right spell for a specific job, and they end up messing up with the chanting.

White Magic Spells – Overview

what is white magic, what makes it different from black magic, and how does it work? Well, White magic spell are helpful in self-healing, treating traumas, enhancing health, and connecting to the spirit for good work.

List of White Magic Spells

However, making someone fall for your love is unnatural, and it is part of black magic. So, you should use these spells as a good deed instead of turning nature to another side.

Spells to Enhance Love Life

This compulsion can get dark, and it will be part of a black magic spell. Do not play with the nature of these spells otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Bring the Loved One Close White Magic Spell

A person who is always around you and has a good relationship with you but doesn’t have the guts to start a love life, then this spell is perfect to use.


– Coat the candle with the help of olive oil and start rubbing it using the fluid motion. – Repeat the process by backing it up from rubbing to strengthen the energy.

Bottom Line

The list doesn’t end here, and it might not as there are thousands of white magic spells. The reason behind keeping all those spells at bay from beginners is for the protection purpose.