Get the Same Old Love Back with White Magic Spell

This world is full of negative people, evil souls, and bad wishers. People try their best to grow in life, but there is always someone who pulls them down with negative energy. If you are someone who is also dealing with a similar issue and lost the loved one due to the pressure of this world, then you can bring them back in life.

Yes, it is possible to get your same old love in a healthy relationship and it can be done by using a white magic spell. You may be thinking that the love spells will bring them back, but it isn’t like that. White magic love spells help remove the negative energy and help your partner think clear and clear the confusion.

If you think that you are the true lover of a person and your partner also loves the same way, then a white magic spell can eradicate all the issues. Here, we will talk about three popular magic spells and how you can use them in getting your love life back on track. Let’s get started –

White Magic Love Spell to Bring the old Love Life Back

To begin with this spell, you will need three things –

  • A candle
  • Olive Oil
  • And an open room with light

 Once you have collected the given two items, you can start the ritual. The only factor to keep in mind is faith, otherwise, these spells won’t work.

  • Sit on the ground on haunches and take the candle inside your right hand.
  • Take olive oil in a container and then dip your ring finger on your left hand in oil.
  • Apply this olive oil around the candle so that when it lightens, the oil burn alongside.
  • While following this situation, make sure that you keep imagining the person you want back in life.
  • Chant the Mantra “Angels of my souls, look what have you done, eliminate the negative, let the love come back”.
  • While chanting these white magic love spells, focus on your beautiful memories and what you want in the sweet life.

Once you are done following the ritual seven times in a row, take the handle in your left hand and place it firmly in a safe area of the house. Light it with a match while whispering the name of your partner.

Make sure that you don’t let the candle stop lighting by keeping all the airy things turned off. Meanwhile, you should avoid all the distractions while following this ritual.

White Magic Spell to Enhance Your Love Life

The tricky part is to enhance love life. It is hard to keep the flow going and when there is any negative energy, the loved one start falling apart. In this situation, you can cast this spell. The requirements are –

  • Seven candles of red colour.
  • Black Ink
  • A large paper sheets

After collecting all these items, you can follow the ritual –

  • To begin this ritual, you will have to find a room with adequate sunlight.
  • Place the large paper sheet on the ground and place some paperweight on the corners.
  • Put four candles in all four corners and keep three candles on the side.
  • Now light four of the given candles and place one more in the centre of the paper.
  • Repeat the given chant while lighting the fifth candle which is in the centre
  • “Souls of my angel, bring the positivity to us” and keep repeating.
  • Once you have lightened five candles, take both candles in your left and right hand.

Repeat the mantra until the candle in the centre is burnt to half. Now, you can relax and stay tension worry. The ritual is complete. Let these candles burn till the end, and you are good to go.

Bottom Line

If you are still worried about your relationship, then consulting with a professional white magic spell caster can be an effective option. Make sure that if you are doing everything on your own, do not let negative souls come into your way and change your intention. Keep your intentions clean and pray with your soul to the almightly also. Once you are done following all the rituals, you can get better at it and you have to follow the same ritual once a week for two months.

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