White Magic Spell Book

The world of magic spells feels overwhelming to a beginner. The ability to cast a spell, do things the way you want and become rich seems like a story of a movie. However, it is possible with the help of magic.

White magic is honed by thousands of people every year, and you can find that it is still in practice to this day. The only difference between the centuries-old period and now is effectiveness. People don’t know the right spell for a specific job, and they end up messing up with the chanting.

It is believed that magic spells connect a body to the soul, and it is all about spirituality. If a person is spiritual and believes in doing a good deed, this magic will work for him. Being spiritual is the first requirement to make these magic spells work whether you want to cast black or white magic.

On the other hand, if you are new to the world of white magic and want to use it for healing, health, life, or happiness purpose, then we have good news for you. We are sharing a list of two easy and simple white magic spell book that is perfect for beginners.

White Magic Spells – Overview

Most people have this question what is white magic, what makes it different from black magic, and how does it work? Well, White magic spell are helpful in self-healing, treating traumas, enhancing health, and connecting to the spirit for good work. It is all about eliminating the harmful vibes surrounding your soul and drawing all the negative energy for a happy living.

List of White Magic Spells

The difference between the black and the white magic spell book is all about intention. Self-healing is the primary focus of using this magic and going good to someone else also. However, making someone fall for your love is unnatural, and it is part of black magic. So, you should use these spells as a good deed instead of turning nature to another side.

Spells to Enhance Love Life

A love spell is quite popular and helpful in enhancing the love life of a couple. The use of this spell in bringing someone close to you is alright, but doing it for someone who doesn’t want to be with you is unnatural. This compulsion can get dark, and it will be part of a black magic spell. Do not play with the nature of these spells otherwise, it can be dangerous.

Bring the Loved One Close White Magic Spell

A person who is always around you and has a good relationship with you but doesn’t have the guts to start a love life, then this spell is perfect to use. This spell helps in bringing the near one into sharing the bond.

Requirement – A Pink or Red Candle, Matches, Organic Olive Oil


Following the given steps in the right format is essential to getting the desired results.

  • Coat the candle with the help of olive oil and start rubbing it using the fluid motion.
  • Repeat the process by backing it up from rubbing to strengthen the energy.
  • Bring the candle close to your face and keep it in the center of both eyes.
  • This time is to use pure energy by pouring clean intention. The candle will be filled with pure energy. Make sure to chant the name of the person you desire while keeping all the positive intentions.
  • Use the Mantra “I want a pure and divine love” and keep repeating it while imagining the person you want.
  • Take this candle to a safe place in our house and light it so that it keeps lighting throughout the night. Make sure that this candle doesn’t stop fighting and you can’t light it again also.

Following the given steps will enlighten the soul of your loved one regarding your feelings, and it will help in enhancing the bond.

Bottom Line

The list doesn’t end here, and it might not as there are thousands of white magic spells. The reason behind keeping all those spells at bay from beginners is for the protection purpose. The power of the white magic spell is enormous, and using the wrong chanting can be disrespectful, thus it can cause issues to the chanter. Keep in mind that you follow the given chanting adequately with your spirituality, otherwise, they are not going to work properly.

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